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StypCel™ absorbable hemostat

StypCel™ absorbable hemostat is intended for fast hemostasis of capillary bleeding and venous bleeding as well as small artery bleeding during surgery adjunctively when ligation or other conventional methods of control are impracticable or ineffective.


Safety and benefits


*  100% absorbable within 7-14 days

*  Rapid hemostatic effect

*  Minimum tissue reaction

*  Slender fibers, better hemostatic effect

*  Non-woven and multilayer structure



StypCel™ is easy to apply. Surgeons can easily peel StypCel™ into several layers for different degree of bleeding. Surgeons can also roll it into a ball or tubular shape for irregular bleeding site.


Compared with other hemostats made of ORC, StypCel™ possesses slimmer fibers and more compact structure, which provides StypCel™ larger contact area attaching to wound surface so as to strengthen hemostatic effect.



An animal experiment was conducted to evaluate efficacy of Stypcel™, by observing the time and the amount of blood loss before achieving hemostasis. Compared with StypCel™ group, it is easier for blood to penetrate through the control group because of its loose structure. This experiment demonstrates significant better hemostatic effect of StypCel™ than control group.


StypCel™ can be applied in various surgeries such as cardiothoracic/cardiovascular surgery, general surgery, ENT surgery or neurosurgery, etc.



After implantation, StypCel™ can be fully absorbed within a short time frame.




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